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Wellness Care and Immunizations

Keeping your pets healthy throughout a lifetime requires the right tools and preventative care. Depending on your pet's specific situation and the risks in their environment, the treatments a Magnolia, TX veterinarian recommends for your pet's needs may vary. At Paws to Claws Veterinary Care, we offer the comprehensive physical exams and diagnostic tools a pet needs to address potential risks and limit complex health problems at different stages of life.

Preventative care is an essential part of keeping your pets healthy! Come see our team of veterinarians in Magnolia; your pet's health matters to us.

Exams and Preventative Care

Comprehensive physical exams and preventative care for your pet depend on their current age and situation. Generally, a veterinarian in Magnolia, TX recommends internal parasite testing, flea/tick control measures and heartworm medications for most dogs and cats. We also suggest that you spay and neuter your pets to prevent complications related to pregnancy, certain forms of cancer and specific behaviors in male pets.

During the physical exams, we may recommend treatments and specialized laboratory testing for all life stages when we have concerns about a pet's health or we want to establish a baseline for comparison as your pet ages.

Our Veterinarian in Magnolia Can Provide Vaccinations for Your Pet

Vaccinations for a pet depend on their specific needs. Generally, we suggest core vaccinations during the first 8 to 16 weeks of life for most dogs and cats; however, we may develop a different schedule if your pet needs specialized schedules due to a health concern or a complication with his or her situation. 

Optional vaccinations depend on the needs of your pet. We may suggest certain immunizations due to lifestyle behaviors and risks. For example, we may recommend immunizations for dogs spending time hunting with an owner, but we do not recommend the same immunizations for dogs you keep in the house due to differing risk factors. Each pet has different needs and we focus on providing the core immunizations with options your pet specifically needs due to lifestyle and environmental factors.

When to Visit a Magnolia, TX Animal Hospital

You want to visit a Magnolia, TX animal hospital for your pet's health and well-being at an early age. Plan the first visit within the first six to eight weeks of life or earlier if a pet shows signs of a health concern. We provide internal parasite testing, vaccinations and specialized laboratory testing for all life stages. We also recommend a diet plan for your pet and help you determine appropriate levels of exercise for your pet's health.

You also want to visit for a physical exam when a pet shows signs of a health concern or you have concerns about flea/tick control for your pet. We evaluate the risks and recommend appropriate treatments based on your pet's needs.

Contact Our Animal Hospital in Magnolia Today to Learn More about Pet Wellness Care

Keeping your pet healthy at every stage of life depends on the situation and your goals. At our clinic, we recommend different treatments and wellness solutions after determining the risk factors and checking on your pet's current health. To learn more about preventative and wellness care for your pet, call (281) 356-2384 to set up an appointment with a veterinarian today.