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At Paws to Claws Veterinary Care, our Magnolia TX veterinarian and team is committed to providing your pet with the highest standard of care. One of the many services we provide here in our office is that of pet surgery. There are many reasons that a pet may need to have a surgical procedure done, ranging from a routine spay/neuter surgery to a more involved procedure, such as bladder surgery, removal of a diseased eye, or a laceration repair. Regardless of the specific type of surgery your pet needs, our Magnolia TX animal hospital can assist you. And of course, you can always rest assured that your pet is in good hands with our experienced and compassionate team.

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Pre-Surgery Pet Care Magnolia TX

Before your pet's surgery is scheduled, we will likely ask you to bring him or her in for a pre-surgical wellness exam as part of our pet care Magnolia TX. This will help us to ensure that your pet is healthy enough for the surgery and recovery needed. During this time, we may also run some diagnostic tests (such as pet X-rays Magnolia TX) that will help us prepare for the procedure. For pets undergoing anesthesia for the first time with us, we may also need to take a blood sample; this will help us determine the proper amount of anesthesia to use for your pet's size and health.

What to Expect Before and After Pet Surgery Magnolia TX

As a pet owner, you may be wondering what to expect before and after pet surgery Magnolia TX. In our office, we always include not only a thorough surgical consultation with pet X-rays Magnolia TX, but a detailed discussion with you to ensure that you understand the procedure being performed, its purpose, and what to expect in terms of after-care. You can also rest assured that our veterinary team has access to the most efficient procedures and advanced surgical tools/monitoring equipment.

When your pet is placed under anesthesia for a surgery, our technical staff will also keep a close eye on all vital signs for your pet's safety. This remains true after the surgery has been completed and while your pet is in recovery. We even have specialized anesthetic monitoring equipment for the most precise care and for your added peace of mind.

If your pet will require any special care (such as administering medication or changing bandages) after he or she leaves our Magnolia TX animal hospital, our team will be sure that you are instructed on how to handle this and that you are confident in doing so after you bring your pet home.

Schedule a Consultation With Our Veterinarian in Magnolia TX

If you're interested in finding out more about our surgical services or would like to schedule a consultation with our veterinarian in Magnolia TX, give Paws to Claws Veterinary Care a call today at (281) 356-2384. We look forward to serving your pet with the highest quality of care.