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Pet Microchipping your dog or cat is essential for better safety.

Many owners are shocked to find out what great escape artists their pets are.  It only takes a cat paw to knock out a loose window screen or a bit of creativity for a dog to slip through a door that’s ajar, according to our veterinarian in Magnolia, TX.  Microchip insertion from our Paws to Claws Veterinary Care practice can make your pet’s life safer and save you from stress and heartbreak.

How Microchips Work

A pet microchip is an electronic chip housed in a glass capsule.  It has no battery.  Many people mistakenly believe that chips function as a kind of GPS device. 

Our veterinarian describes a micro chip as roughly the same size as one grain of rice.  We can perform microchipping during an appointment specifically set aside for that purpose or when your pet is here for another type of service.  If your pet has already been anesthetized for another procedure, we can often implant the microchip then.

Microchipping and recovery consist of a three-step process.  The first is an insertion of the microchip.  Our veterinarian uses a hypodermic needle to inject it under your pet’s skin, usually between its shoulder blades.  This usually causes no more discomfort than typical injections do.  The procedure requires no surgery or use of anesthesia.  Our doctor indicates that adverse reactions are rare.

The second step is registering the chip under its unique identification number.  Owners provide their contact information and the chip’s number to the manufacturer, which maintains a data registry.

Contacting a found pet’s owner is the third step.  When someone passes a scanner over a micro chip, the scanner emits waves that cause the chip to activate.  The chip then broadcasts its unique identification number, which is linked to the owner’s contact information registered in the database.

Benefits of Paws to Claws Veterinary Care Microchipping

A microchip inserted by a Paws to Claws Veterinary Care doctor will vastly improve the chance of recovering a pet that has been stolen or lost.  One study of animals entering shelters concluded that nearly 75 percent of microchipped dogs and cats were found thanks to their microchips. 

Research showed that owners had only a 13 percent chance of recovering lost dogs.  However, when a shelter detected a microchip, the rate rose to 74.1 percent.  In some cases, microchipped dogs have been found years after they disappeared, sometimes as far away as 1,000 miles from home.

Microchipping is less uncomfortable and more effective than tattooing.  While collars with tags can supplement a microchip, they easily break or detach.

Microchipping technology is low maintenance.  Owners can expect a chip to last a pet’s entire life.  They only need to maintain current registration information and ask our staff to scan the chip once a year to check it.  Our practice uses the most widely used products to boost the chances of your pet’s safe recovery.

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The goal of our Paws to Claws Veterinary Care practice is helping owners take better care of their pets’ health, whether that involves wellness treatment, microchipping, or grooming.  We offer full-service, compassionate veterinary care.  Call us today at 281-356-2384 to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian in Magnolia, TX for quality pet care.