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Digital X-Rays

Here at Paws to Claws Veterinary Care our practice serves the pet community of Magnolia, TX by offering digital x-rays. This method of diagnosing injuries and conditions in your pet can be a lifesaver. Dr. Suzanne Scott is a licensed Magnolia TX veterinarian who uses digital radiology to improve the diagnostic and treatment outcomes for pets. Learn more about the benefits and applications of digital x-rays for pets. 

Dog after receiving an x-ray from his Magnolia vet

Pet X-rays in Magnolia TX

The technology of digital pet x-rays in Magnolia TX has improved your vet’s ability to diagnose your pet’s conditions. Whether your pet has suffered from a traumatic accident, internal bleeding, or a blocked airway, we can use digital x-ray to gain a clear image of the problem. Also referred to as digital radiology, this technology lets Dr. Scott examine your pet without having to commit to exploratory surgery. As a noninvasive technique the use of digital x-rays also allows your pet’s vet to gain a clear and accurate internal image. This will save you money and time, as well as reduce the need for unnecessary pet surgery and recovery, which is our priority for pet care in Magnolia TX.

Diagnostics for Pets

As part of our diagnostics program, we combine digital pet x-rays with our in-house laboratory. This gives your Magnolia TX animal hospital the ability to handle everything in expedience. No waiting for days to get back your pet’s test results. Thanks to our innovative diagnostic system and digital radiology in Magnolia TX, we can receive test results from our lab during the same day as the visit. As our board certified radiologists prepare x-ray results for your pet’s visit on site, as well, your pet can be on the mend in rapid time. This ensures your pet will be treated for their condition faster, which can make all the difference in many cases. 

Uses of Digital X-Rays

Here at Paws to Claws Veterinary Care we use digital x-rays to identify bone fractures and breaks as your veterinarian in Magnolia TX. If your pet has swallowed a toy, rock, or unknown object we can identify the blockage using digital imagery. The use of x-ray is also beneficial when examining a pet for soft tissue problems, such as stomach pains, intestinal distress, or heart murmurs. We can even use pet x-rays to diagnose problems with reproductive organs and urinary systems, such as tumors and bladder stones. 

Visit Your Magnolia TX Animal Hospital

Dr. Scott at Paws to Claws Veterinary Clinic and the staff at your Magnolia TX animal hospital have your pet’s best interest in mind. We offer compassionate and honest care for dogs, cats, small mammals, exotic pets, birds, and reptiles. In addition to offering digital pet x-ray, we offer pet dentistry, nutritional counseling, grooming, boarding, microchipping, and pet surgery. Discover the difference that it makes to take your pet to Paws to Claws Veterinary Care. Contact our office at (281) 356-2384 to schedule your appointment for digital x-rays for your pets.