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Small Mammals

Paws to Claws Vet Care is your trusted veterinarian in Magnolia TX for small mammals care from birth all the way through their senior years. Because small mammals have special needs, we are proud to be your pet's health care destination. Our Magnolia TX animal hospital serves the needs of hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, chinchillas, rabbits, ferrets, mice, prairie dogs and hedgehogs.


Magnolia TX Veterinarian Cares For Your Small Mammals

Look no further than us as your source for hamster care and guinea pig care in Magnolia TX. During your initial visit, our caring team will perform an examination for your pet after discussing any concerns you may have. Your initial visit will entail a full physical exam and internal parasite screening. We will also administer vaccinations based on your pet's lifestyle and age and any laboratory screening based on your pet's personal needs. We are proud to offer diagnostics such as radiology on site in our Magnolia TX animal hospital. We will interpret your pet's radiological results along with board certified radiologists. 

Surgical Procedures for Small Mammals

Because we want to offer exceptional care to our patients, we provide a full array of services under one roof. We conveniently have a surgical area should your pet require any procedures. Our surgical suite is fully equipped to offer procedures for small mammals when these situations arise. Our state of the art equipment is in place to minimize risk and ensure safety for your pet. If your pet experiences an injury, we suggest you call us right away so we may assess if surgical intervention is necessary. 

Small Mammal Dental Care in Magnolia TX

For further convenience our Magnolia TX veterinarian offers dental care on site. It may surprise pet owners to learn that dental care is for pets as well. Unlike humans, our pet friends cannot report to us if they have a toothache or dental infection. At a yearly or biannual dental exam we will assess your pet for tartar, gingivitis, plaque and any infections that may be present. Because not all dental issues can be detected with the naked eye, we like to perform an x-ray to discover if any issues may be lurking below the gumline. At your small mammal's dental visit we will perform a cleaning of their mouth and teeth. We are also happy to demonstrate a home-brushing technique for you to practice with your pet as well.

Small Mammal Microchipping 

Is your pet microchipped? We want to help keep pets as safe as possible during all stages of their lives. Occasionally small mammals can get outside accidentally becoming lost or risking injury. Microchipping can help reduce the risk of loss with pets. Please ask us if microchipping is appropriate for your pet at your next visit. 

Contact Your Magnolia TX Small Mammal Vet Today

We look forward to being your one stop for pet care Magnolia TX. Please call us at (281) 356-2384 to schedule an appointment with our Magnolia TX veterinarian soon.