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Your Veterinarian Serving Reptiles in Magnolia TX

Keeping a reptile healthy starts with proper care and management. As a reptile pet owner, you want to ensure that your pet receives appropriate veterinary care through different stages of his or her life. By seeking pet care treatments from Paws to Claws Veterinary Care in Magnolia, TX, you gain the confidence to avoid complications with a pet's health. 

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Initial Exams

At a Magnolia TX animal hospital, we offer treatment and exams for reptiles at all ages. A Magnolia TX veterinarian in our clinic has the experience to provide appropriate treatment from the time a frog, non-venomous snake or a lizard hatches. 

During an initial exam, we check for common ailments that may harm your reptile. We may suggest specific medications or treatments to reduce the risk of complications from parasites or exposure to health concerns. A reptile vet Magnolia TX professional also helps you understand appropriate care for your young pet.

Dental Care

Dental care for a reptile differs from other pets due to their teeth and jaws. During a visit to a reptile vet, a Magnolia TX professional for dental care may use tools like radiology or blood work to identify and treat complications with a reptile's teeth or gums. We complete an assessment of a reptile's mouth and may offer treatments to address concerns based on your pet's needs. As a general rule, we recommend visiting our clinic regularly for reptile dental treatments.

Surgical Treatments from a Veterinarian in Magnolia TX

Surgical treatments from a veterinarian in Magnolia TX depend on the needs of your reptile. As a general rule, we do not recommend surgery unless your pet is injured and requires emergency treatment or has a health concern that requires surgical intervention. We may use surgery to remove cysts or growths from a reptile or to address specific complications with your pet's health. We only suggest surgery when evaluations, tests and results suggest that a pet requires surgery as the last effort to address a specific concern.

Radiology for Reptiles

During an exam of your reptile, we may use radiology as part of the normal pet care services we provide. Radiology allows us to capture a digital image of your pet and evaluate them for better treatment and care.

Contact Your Magnolia, TX Veterinarian Today

Reptiles need different treatment and care that focuses on their specific needs and biology. At our clinic, we offer specialized services and treatments for snakes, frogs and lizards to ensure your pet stays healthy. To learn more about caring for a reptile or to set up an appointment in Magnolia, call (281) 356-2384 today.