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Bringing a new puppy or dog into your home gives you companionship and a fun new family member. The challenge is ensuring that your pet receives the care he or she needs to maintain good health through every stage of life. At Paws to Claws Veterinary Care, we recognize the challenges of keeping your pet healthy and active. That is why we offer treatment in a Magnolia TX animal hospital to help with your dog's specific needs.

Dog in grass after seeing veterinarian in Magnolia, TX.

Treating Dogs During an Initial Exam

The initial examination is part of your dog's long-term care. During an exam, we check your dog or puppy for common ailments or health risks. We may recommend medications to remove parasites from your pet and specific treatments for certain pests. We also help pet owners make decisions about a dog's dietary needs based on their breed, age and size. We help you determine when a dog is healthy and when to increase his or her exercise. We also develop a schedule for vaccinations and future treatments based on your pet's age and healthcare needs.

Vaccinations from a Magnolia TX Veterinarian

Vaccinations from a Magnolia TX veterinarian are a key part of maintaining a puppy or dog's health. Generally, your veterinarian in Magnolia TX will recommend vaccinations based on the needs of your dog and your lifestyle. 

Every dog must obtain core vaccinations. The core immunizations are required for every dog and we develop a schedule for your puppy during an initial exam. We may suggest optional immunizations if your pet engages in certain activities. For example, we may suggest additional immunizations for a dog you take hunting or on hikes due to the risk of exposure to ticks or other pests. We make suggestions after discussing your pet's situation and your lifestyle.

Dental Treatments for Dogs

Dental treatment is a key part of a dog's health. Since many dogs develop gum disease in their lifetime, you want regular dental exams and treatment to keep your dog's teeth and gums healthy. At our clinic, we recommend annual check-ups and cleanings to prevent the risk of gum disease. We may suggest more regular visits to a veterinarian in Magnolia TX if your dog has a high risk of periodontal disease.

Radiology Evaluations for Your Dog

When you bring your dog in for an evaluation or treatment, we may use radiology to determine the risks to your pet. Radiology provides a digital image that allows us to determine where your dog needs treatment and specific complications with his or her health.

Surgical Treatments and Pet Care Magnolia TX

Pet care Magnolia TX services may include surgical treatments. As a general rule, we recommend spaying or neutering your puppy. We may also suggest surgery to remove cancer, remove lumps or in emergency situations.

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Keeping your dog healthy in Magnolia, TX starts with his or her care and treatment through life. To learn more about treatment options we offer or to set up an appointment for your puppy, call (281) 356-2384 today.