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Kittens and cats are a part of your family, so you want to provide the right Magnolia TX pet care treatments they need for long-term well-being and health. At Paws to Claws Veterinary Care, a Magnolia TX veterinarian handles the challenges and concerns that may arise when you bring a cat into your home.


Initial Exams for Your Cat in Magnolia

The initial exam for your kitten or cat from a veterinarian in Magnolia TX sets the foundation for his or her long-term care and treatment. During the exam, we may check for common health risks based on your cat's age, concerns related to a cat's specific breed and the overall well-being of your kitten. We also develop a plan of action for your pet's long-term health.

We may suggest medications to remove parasites, treatments to prevent fleas and food options for your cat's optimal diet and health. We also recommend exercise for your cat and answer your questions regarding care and health.

Dental Care for Cats

During a visit with a veterinarian in Magnolia TX, we may suggest regular dental visits as part of routine care. Dental care for cats focuses on maintaining healthy teeth and gums while preventing gum disease or health risks. During a regular visit, we clean your cat's teeth and may recommend additional treatments to address problems with a cat's teeth or gums.

Generally, we suggest annual visits for dental care. We may recommend additional dental care if certain health risks develop or we want to monitor a specific problem.

Vaccinations and Immunizations

Vaccinations and immunizations start at a young age for your kitten. We usually evaluate a kitten's health before recommending a vaccination schedule; however, we will provide core immunizations at an appropriate time. We may also recommend additional vaccinations if your pet faces specific risks to his or her health. A Magnolia TX veterinarian evaluates the risks before suggesting a vaccine to prevent the spread of certain ailments. All cats must obtain core immunizations and appropriate booster shots over their lifetime. Some immunizations are optional and a veterinarian in our clinic can explain the details about different immunizations.

Radiology Evaluations

Radiology gives a veterinarian an idea of your cat's internal health through digital imaging. At our clinic, we use the tools to evaluate and diagnose specific health concerns.

Surgical Procedures at a Magnolia TX Animal Hospital

When you visit a Magnolia TX animal hospital for a cat's health and well-being, we may recommend some surgical procedures. As a general rule, we suggest spaying or neutering cats at a young age to prevent pregnancies. We may also suggest surgery for cancer, treatments in an emergency or certain ailments that may occur as your cat ages.

Contact Your Magnolia TX Cat Vet Today

Caring for a cat starts with proper treatment and management. At our clinic in Magnolia TX, we provide the care your pet's need for long-term health. To learn more about our treatments or for an appointment, call (281) 356-2384 today.