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Bringing a bird into your home differs from other pets because they have unique needs and health concerns that may arise. As a bird owner, you want to ensure that they receive appropriate veterinary care in Magnolia. At Paws to Claws Veterinary Care, a professional evaluates the needs of your bird and provides the treatments they need for long-term health.


Initial Examinations from a Bird Vet Magnolia TX

Initial examinations from a bird vet in Magnolia TX, provides a baseline for a pet's long-term health. Whether you want to keep a parakeet, parrot or cockatiel healthy, you must start with the examination. After your bird hatches, we offer treatment, care and advice to ensure that your pet stays healthy at every stage of life. We also keep up with your pet's needs after evaluating their situation.

Pet care solutions depend on the needs of your pet. At our clinic, we use up-to-date solutions to help your bird stay healthy with proper exams and care.

Vaccinations from Diseases

A veterinarian in Magnolia TX provides vaccinations to your bird at different stages of his or her life. The immunizations prevent health concerns by limiting the risk of certain ailments or sicknesses. At our clinic, we recommend different immunizations after determining the risk based on your lifestyle, your bird and the animal's exposure to different conditions. A Magnolia TX veterinarian in our clinic may suggest a variety of immunizations in different situations after discussing your life and your bird's life.

Dental Care for Birds

At our Magnolia TX animal hospital, we may suggest dental care for a bird. While birds do not have the same teeth and gums as other animals or mammals, they do have risks to their health from bacteria in their mouth. By providing proper dental care, you reduce the risk of your parakeet, cockatiel or parrot developing problems in their mouth or in relation to bacteria in their food. We suggest regular exams and treatments to keep your bird healthy.

Radiology and Surgery

Radiology at our clinic is a diagnostic tool that allows a veterinarian in Magnolia TX to identify complications with a bird's health. At our clinic, we use the tool for a digital image of your bird's internal body and then we make a diagnosis based on your pet's needs.

We only recommend surgical procedures for your bird when it is appropriate for the situation. If you notice odd behavior or a lump on your bird, then we may check for cancer cells or other health risks. At our Magnolia TX animal hospital, we take measures to accurately diagnose health concerns for proper treatment and pet health.

Contact Your Magnolia TX Bird Vet

Keeping a bird healthy starts with the Magnolia TX veterinarian providing treatment and care. You want to ensure that a professional has the skills to work with a bird and prevent complications with your pet's health. To learn more about keeping a bird healthy and safe in your home or for an appointment, call (281) 356-2384 today.