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Animal Pain Awareness

In recognition of Animal Pain Awareness Month in September we want to highlight this condition in Magnolia, TX. At Paws to Claws Veterinary Care, we help all kinds of pets when they are suffering from chronic pain, internal pain, or pain from a traumatic injury. If you are concerned that your pet is suffering from pain, read on to learn more about animal pain awareness. 

animal pain awareness from your veterinarian in magnolia, TX

Understanding Animal Pain Awareness

Animal Pain Awareness Month was designated by the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management (IVAPM) to bring light to pets in pain. Animal pain differs from human pain, in that if your pet is in pain they are predisposed to hide this condition.

As a result, the animal may not show symptoms of pain until their condition has reached a critical point. At this time it can be difficult to treat. Healing and recovery take even longer than it would if you were able to start treatment sooner. The best route is to learn how to tell when your pet is suffering from pain. 

Common Signs of Animal Pain

When your animal is in pain they cannot ask for help like humans can. That is why you have to be alert for signs and signals that your pet is suffering. The most common sign of pain in pets includes a decrease in activity. This prevents them from walking, climbing, jumping, or being their normal active self.

When this happens there is clearly something wrong, and most likely it is too painful for your pet to have normal mobility. If the pet has a decrease in appetite or is over grooming in a certain area of their body, these are also signs that the animal is in pain. 

Treatment for Animal Pain 

The best way to treat animal pain is to visit our veterinarian in Magnolia, TX. We use state-of-the-art equipment including digital x-rays, ultrasound, and radiology to diagnose your pet’s condition. All of this is handled at our in-house laboratory so we can expedite your pet’s test results. 

If your pet has internal damage or blockages that are causing pain, we can perform pet surgery here at Pets to Claws Veterinary Care. Our vets are also skilled at pet dentistry, in the instance that your pet is suffering from dental pain. We also have a fully stocked pet pharmacy where we can prescribe pain-relieving drugs for animals. 

Meet Our Veterinarian in Magnolia, TX

Here at Paws to Claws, our veterinarian in Magnolia, TX helps birds, fish, miniature pigs, primates, reptiles, small mammals, dogs, and cats. Our vet team includes Dr. Suzanne Scott who have a combined total of more than 48 years in veterinary medicine. Let our vets help your pets when they are suffering from pain. From diagnosis and treatment to pet surgery and post-operative pet care, we will be with your pet every step of the way thanks to our full-service animal hospital

Contact our office at 281-346-9729 to request more information or to make an appointment. Paws and Claws Veterinary Care offers discounts for pet owners who are first responders, senior citizens, or in the military. We are currently offering $10 off of the first visit for new clients.